Hopi Ear Therapy

There is a  considerable amount of research available today to demonstrate that many behavioural problems are a result of undiagnosed glue ear in early years. When this happens the auditory nerve pathways cannot form in a normal way and children can become sound sensitive. When there is a build  up of amplification in noisy classrooms or rooms with poor acoustics, these children can react quite strongly to the situation.

Working Holistically with this therapy, it is possible that children can become very emotionally sensitive to what they hear and that can cause the 'physical' hearing to react. The philosophy of this simple approach is that it can work very effectively as a stress management tool as well.

Hopi Ear Therapy, otherwise known as Auricular Candle Therapy can be beneficial to problems of this nature. It is a simple, non invasive technique that can be easily demonstrated to parents / carers in order to maintain improvement and self help strategy.

A simple safe, relaxing therapy which can be beneficial for hearing  problems or hearing sensitivity.

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