In HET we use only specific oils in specific ways. To calm the nervous system and stress through using very high quality Lavender and / or Chamomile oils. These rebalance the senses of touch and smell. The senses that hold some of our earliest experiences and work with our instinctive responses and reactions to the sensory data we receive from the world around us on a daily basis.

This gentle yet relaxing approach assists in relaxation and so the incoming data received from the world around is not so harsh and doesn't trigger adverse reactions from old patterns and experiences that we have held onto in the very core of our being.

Where this approach has been researched in situations where children or adults can be aggressive , uncooperative or even have violent reactions, the results have consistently shown a reduction in the type of incidents and the number of incidents of unacceptable behviours.




Aromatherapy and massage is a very complicated and involved area to apply to children and shouldn't be approached unless under the direct supervision of a qualified Aromatherapist. The whole area of massage is also fraught with ethical considerations, when working with young people.

 For this reason the HET experience is aimed at only using high quality essential oils of Lavender oil and Camomile oil, in very small doses, mixed in a base oil of sweet almond, providing there are no allergic reactions in the child's history.

The technique of back massage is demonstrated to the parent in order to support them in helping the child to relax in the evening, for example if the child is on medication which may interfere with with sleep patterns or if that child finds it difficult to relax prior to bedtime.

A simple hand massage is an effective self help and calming technique which can be deployed in the school environment and taught to children to practice at home with parents / carers / siblings, under supervision.

Children have also benefited from giving each other a  lavender hand massage at school ( incorporated alongside the peer massage programme) and  learning how to use a lavender blend in the bath at home, as a self help relaxation technique.