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I have known Linda for many years as a friend and colleague and my relationship with her has been literally life changing. At a particularly stressful time in my life Linda took me through Universal Frequency Therapy and within days I had resigned from a stressful job and started on a retraining programme and have never looked back or been happier.

Linda is a beautiful and truly amazing lady who has helped and inspired many hundreds of people over the years.

An inspiration to us all!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Julie Baugh

Holistic Educational Therapist


Linda’s work has made an immediate impact on my lifestyle. I learned I could counsel myself, find my own solutions and move forward with pressing issues in my life. The therapies she has introduced me to have all had a positive effect on both my physical body and more importantly my emotional well-being.
The value of Linda’s work cannot be. overestimated. I loved every moment of her training. It was delivered in such a relaxed, supportive, down to earth approach. She is such an inspirational woman with an endless amount of energetic, optimistic encouragement to offer.
Jayne Clapp
Key Stage 1 Teacher + HET
Kingston Centre Pupil Referral Unit



The following comments have all been taken from follow up questionnaires with parents and staff.

Many letters have been forwarded in support of this programme and are available as part of our research data.

This represents only a small sample of the comments we have received as feedback

CS - H

These were noted during the autumn term after H had been taking the Bach remedies for 2 months:-

Parental feedback:

“ He doesn’t need the drops any more. He is 100% better. He now just has the odd bad day.”

  “The project has worked for H – he is a stack better than he used to be”

  “He has calmed down a lot at home – he has stopped trashing his room, he remembers to put things away…. Wants him to go to mainstream.”

  “I think he knows what they are doing for him because he talks about it.”

CS - S

An interim review with his teacher :

  "Specific improvements this far:"

A big improvement noted in his behaviour so far. "

Since half term he has been a different child, appears sensible and calmer"

Some improvements were noted before half term."


Parental feedback

“When RE takes the drops we will have times when she goes without temper tantrums. “

"Times when she has not been taking them coincide with school exclusions due to violent outbursts at school."

  “Sleeping patterns improved  until medication was altered and then  it got worse again” – improved again after introducing PhytoBioPhysics."

  “Her behaviour is more consistent at home when on drops. When she’s off them her behaviour is atrocious like she becomes another person.”


“This project has done us all the world of good, for me and J....., it has given us our life back. We both started taking it when we were really low and it has kept us going – without it we’d have given up, we’d have been in the mire. When R takes the drops, she is calmer her moods are better and she sleeps better, when she doesn’t her behaviour dips.”

Teacher feedback:

“Significant improvements over the last few weeks – Prior to this she was not coping in the afternoons – she can now keep it together.”

  “ Now pulling back control, even when she loses it.”

CS - N

Parental feedback:

“N will sometimes be very stubborn and refuse to take the remedies. When he takes them his behaviour is noticeably better, in that he is more willing to be helpful. Times he refuses he does seem to get worse.”

  “He very rarely runs off now, He can be difficult but is in more control of himself and doesn’t flip out so often.”

  “Still has mood swings but they do seem better.”

  "He spends longer on activities”

  “He is sleeping better.”

  "When he takes the protein drink he doesn’t raid the fridge and constantly look for food, which causes arguments."


“The project has given N a great deal of benefit. It has given him other things to aim for like personal goals. It has helped him a lot with his mood swings – only had a positive effect. I would really like him to continue on the programme as it has been a great benefit to N”

  CS - M

“He is not setting fire to place”

  “No longer locked in bedroom.”

  “Used to sleep 2 – 3 hours per night now 6 –7 hours.”

  Stopped demonstrating violent behaviour towards mother.

  “Now has only climbed out of bedroom window once since being on project”


“I prefer Matthew to be on this because it seems to be working and there are no addiction problems like with Doctor’s stuff.”


“M has improved a lot over the last month.”

  “He is a barometer for emotional health for the rest of the family. He re-acts family issues – he acts them out and acts upon them.”

CS - k

“He is not so agitated, he has improved on the programme – no longer biting his nails.”

“ He now is able to relax.”

“ He is gaining confidence and likes to go to clothes shops and chose his own clothes.”

  “ Over the last 6 months he has improved considerably.”

  “He appears to be calmer over the last few weeks.”

  “The information on good diets has re-educated the whole family. “


“ He has really improved.”

  “ He is fine if things are kept calm around him.”

“The last 4 –5 weeks have been excellent and he has been using his Nintendo game as a reward.”


CS - J


“ I was surprised how good he was on holiday – I expected problems and there weren’t any.”

  “Problems mainly centre around him getting ready in the morning now and it had used to be most of the time.”

  “He talks a lot about the times you work with him and took him out. He seemed to enjoy that.”


“He benefits greatly from the 1:1 counselling input”

  “Generally he seems better, he has good days and some bad days when he can still flip at the drop of a hat.”

  “He Is still bringing sweets to school which he constantly eats all day.”

CS - J


" Now sleeping much better and not having bad dreams – so is mother who has tried the PBP"

"   He has more good days now"

"     His swearing has  improved"

"     His relationship with his father is much improved"

"   Not so abusive"


“JS has been sleeping much better – he has no more bad dreams, so I tried them myself and it helped me a lot.. He gets on much better with T.... now, he seems happier and less moody.”


“Has been very erratic in taking his Bach Flower Drops, refusing to take them  much of the time.”

  "Although he stills says that he hates his Dad, he does this much less often now. He recently went on holiday without his Dad and was very upset at his Dad not going with them.”"

  “There was an improvement after February and he was not so rude to people and he now has more good days than bad – the intensity of his outbursts has improved.”

  “He has stopped yawning in class now.”

CS - J


“Flies off the handle less often  - previously a couple of times a day now perhaps couple of times per week.”

  “Sticking to diet – more responsible – losing weight”

  “Very rarely have phone calls from school now.”


“Changed significantly – most obvious improvements in the class over the year.”

“Always enthusiastic.”

“Self esteem low as only other girl is R who is slim and pretty and popular with the boys. J is the target for much abuse form the boys. The counselling and fashion show opportunity were very helpful for J in this respect.”

CS - D


No longer lighting fires

More tolerant of his brother who also had drops and was  much more confident and outgoing as a result of it

He still did not improve his eating patterns

D refused to take any of the nutrition programme and the drops were administered on his wrist.

D ‘s case Was closed by key team 30/9/02 and was reinstated into mainstream school and appeared to be coping well.

The above quotes are only a small representation of feedback further details are available on request form our annual evaluation reports.