Creating positive emotions withTHE BACH FLOWER REMEDIES


Above - Bev, a qualified HET practitioner showing children how to prepare their own Bach Blend

  • Our behaviour is a barometer for our emotional state. 

  • By working through the stress of negative emotions we can start to turn around the way we feel. 

  • In this way we create better outcomes.

This is the first step in the HET process, to work with stresses and to turn around the way we feel about things.

The Bach Flower Remedies are a system that was devised by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. He successfully worked in Harley Street with a specialist interest in homoeopathic medicines. Realising that there was more to the  breakdown of health and the onset of illness than was generally embraced by the medical profession at that time, Dr Bach devoted the remainder of his life to establishing this system of safe, simple, self help therapy. 

Dr. Bach's 38 remedies are now widely available in chemists and health shops around the world. The remedies may be taken individually, as mood remedies to help fleeting moods and situations that are effecting the individual in a negative way. They may also be taken, prepared in treatment bottles that last for three weeks in order to help address some of the longer term, deeper seated, core issues that may be causing stress in that individual's life.

Within the holistic concept that we are so much more than just a physical body that presents certain symptoms or behaviours, these remedies work on the mental and emotional levels. They address the way we think and feel  about ourselves, others around us and certain situations. When those thoughts and feelings are  negative they will impact on  other areas of our lives. Taking Bach flower remedies can turn around that process, a little bit like flipping a coin from the negative to the positive side. In turning around the way we think and feel about certain things we can in turn influence other aspects of our lives in more positive ways.

These remedies are perfectly safe for everyone, the worse thing they can do is not work! If that's the case, it's for one of two reasons: either they're not the right remedies for the situation or we're not taking them!!!

As a Holistic Educational Therapist researches, interviews and observes the young person he or she is working with, they are able to identify certain personality and behaviour traits. By looking at these within the Bach Flower Remedy system, they are able to identify certain remedies to combine in a treatment bottle.

The HET therapist will monitor that young person on particular remedies, sometimes swapping them around if necessary and providing remedies to other members of the same family if appropriate. The HET therapist will aim to support that young person and their family in measuring their own improvement on the remedies and in using them appropriately for themselves in future.

For Details of how to use the BACH FLOWER REMEDIES with emotionally challenging behaviors (behaviours) or to get your own set of remedies to support your child / family...

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