The world's leading exponent on working with positive energies supports HET

Uri Geller helps a HET family

Uri Geller invites Linda Porter

(Pioneer of HET programme) to meet with a HET family at his home - August 2007

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" There are now many changes to the structure and frequency of our planet. These are inconsistent with the way in which young people are being taught to think and learn. The established system is no longer able to address this challenge as can bee seen from the many headlines highlighting emotional and behavioural problems that this generation are now experiencing.

I believe that working with positive energy should be part of every young person's entitlement. If ' Every Child' really does matter, then we should be looking at initiatives such as HET which supports and empowers young people and their families, if we are serious about making this change for our children and our planet."

Uri Geller 2007

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Uri is patron of Green Meadow Animal Sanctuary, Pattingham, Nr Wolverhampton. He heard how part of the HET programme which befriends children with emotional and behavioural issues with rescued and abused animals has proved so successful.

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"Uri has to be one of the most genuine, compassionate inspirational individuals I have ever had the privilege to meet.

Thank you Uri for your kindness and generosity" - Linda Porter

Our day:

On our arrival at Uri's beautiful home near London, Uri's attention immediately focused on John and Michael. He introduced them to his famous Cadillac, having made them comfortable inside,  Uri explained the stories behind the car and drove them round his land.

We were next introduced to the world's biggest crystal! An amazing experience for us all including Leanne, the boys' Mom!  Like many of us, Leanne is an avid crystal collector herself - she was more than mind blown by this one!

Our visit continued with a guided tour around the many fascinating objects and stories behind them in Uri's garden!

Including Uri's famous pyramid - much larger than our 6' HET pyramid!

We all experienced positive energy flowing from a cast of Uri's hands featured in a beautiful artistic obelisk in his garden. HET families understand the importance of healing energies and how they make lives more positive.

Whilst Uri spent some quiet time chatting to the boys about positive energy in our lives, Lin discovered a magic moment with a Willow. Definitely related to our own special HET 'WILLOW' who features so strongly in many of our HET materials!

We were invited inside his home where he shared many interesting stories behind interesting objects and art - including the history behind Christmas baubles.

Our day wasn't compete without a demonstration of spoon bending - After Uri gently rubbed the spoons we stood amazed as they continued to bend on their own when placed on a table before us. Their special mementoes of the day were signed by Uri and they were given their own special dedicated crystal - the boys (and grown ups) left with a special imprint on their hearts and minds - to carry around forever.. the magic of holding positive energy in our lives!







Taking the right road

Coming to grips with the world's biggest crystal

Positive steps to take


Bending spoons not rules

Finding answers in nature

Forging friendships

















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