The Holistic Concept

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The Holistic Concept often causes confusion - What do we mean by saying we look at the 'whole' child?


In HET terms, it means we look at the child in depth and breadth. We look at the different levels, within which we all exist; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and physical - the depths of our existence!  


It's a little bit like driving a car, as the driver we know exactly what we are doing and where we are going in driving this lovely vehicle that takes us along our journey. The spiritual level is what  we come in with, our life's mission or purpose in life, our personal vision if you like. 

The physical body is the vehicle that takes us where we need to go on life's journey. 

The mental journey is the map and route that guides us along the way. It is our reference points, our belief systems, life experiences and the way we see things around us, that shapes our perception.

The emotional journey is the fuel in the tank that drives the vehicle forward through life. It is the way we feel about things that drives us and motivates us in life.

We are all, each of us on all four journeys at any given time. By recognising and supporting young people through this process, we are able to empower them to take the turnings on life's  journey and make the right choices.  


HET takes this understanding a stage further.

HET is not just a mix and match of complementary therapies. It is a philosophy of how we learn about life's experiences, traumas and misperceptions as  children. How we hold onto such events in life  may block our flow and prevent us from reaching our true potential and realising our personal vision. Eventually, we reach a point whereby we can let go of the experiences which have shaped our life scripts and move on. 

  • HET offers children and adults this choice. It is a tool kit for life of personal empowerment.

The sequence in which the programme of HET is introduced is vital to addressing the experiences which shape neagtive behaviours (behaviors) in the way we learn and survive. This philsophy encompasses the latest understanding in neuro science, core issues and sensory interpretation as well as taking into account the changes in our planetary resonnance and how that effects us all.

Let's look at an example of how this can happen:

A little girl, three years old sits in her child's chair and table set, eating her dinner, shepherds pie. She is experiencing the taste, temperature and texture of her food as well as everything else happening around her.

Suddenly, Mommy and Daddy start to have an argument. She is aware of the build up of tension ( vibes) around the situation. 

Then daddy hits Mommy!

In that moment her very survival is threatened and she will go straight into an adrenalin reaction - the fight or flight response. But she can do  nothing about the situation. Her very survival is brought into question.. all she can do is throw her hands around her head to cut out the situation.

At that tender age - she is the centre of her own universe - she is responsible.. she is to blame's all her fault - she will only perceive everything in relation to herself!

That experience will be recorded. It will be stored in a 'little filing cabinet' somewhere in her mind / brain - filed under 'Survival' so that if anything  like that should ever occur again, it is logged as a point of reference - so that the "Mind Brain" can pull it out at a moment's notice and say "Aha, we've survived that before -  now this is what we have to do!" and a programme is put into place to inform the body of how to deal with this.

This is where HET addresses NEGATIVE PATTERNS!

Now, not only is the act of violence logged but all the other associated sensory input at the time -  so, is the fact of the meal,  that the phone was left ringing unanswered at the time, the fact there was a budgie in a cage screeching,  that it was July and a thunderstorm was building up that day.

All this information is logged.

It is mapped by pathways of synaptic responses between nerves in the brain. If any sensory input is experienced which  is similar to the original experience, then those survival maps are accessed and a programme is activated which can trigger  cellular memories, which are stored in every cell of the body and which are constantly replicating themselves. Each cell is capable of holding information greater than the biggest quantum computer we can imagine.

This is where HET adresses CORE ISSUES

How many times do we come across people who are always ill at the same time of year for example? 

The closer the situation that we encounter is to the original trauma or innocent misperception, the greater the impact through the sensory perception (hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting etc) is going to be.It will re-run the original programme releasing the stored data within each cell of the body.

The origonal sensory receptor cells will also be impacted and send out alarm signals - it's kind of like they jump to conclusions and those signals set patterns in process that can recreate trauma.


Let's assume that little girl has grown up and is working in an office - she had developed an intolerance to meat (from eating shepherd's pie) and she is allergic to budgies. The phone rings but the office is busy and it keeps ringing out - it is July and a thunderstorm is building - think about how she is going to experience stress levels at this point and the emotional reaction she will have - throwing her hands over her head because she can't cope and doesn't want to see any more.

This is where HET adresses EMOTIONAL ISSUES

We are each of us unique and we all have individual experiences which shape the way we behave. Those behaviours can hold us back from being who we were always meant to truly become.

  • HET gives us a choice and a toolbox for life to let go, upgrade those experiences and to move on.
  • HET gives us a choice to transmute such negative expereinces into opportunities to ground our own vision. This is the process that HET trainers and practitoners ground in their journey.

The impact of Planetary Changes

The planet vibrates at a specific speed or rate or frequency. This results in something referred to as Schumann resonance. This rate of vibration has remained fairly constant,close to a rate of 8 hertz (or cycles per second) for  many  years. Since the early 1980s something very interesting has happened. The rate of vibration has shifted to being now around 13 hertz.. This increasein these numbers, is very significant for those who are interested in sacred geometry, something known as 'Fibonacci sequence'. What it does mean is that our planet  has shifted at a 'quantum level'. Every being on the planet is entrained to the same vibrational rate through their heart.

Children born during this time have been born into the 'new frequencies' often referred to as 'Indigo' children or 'Crystal' children. Essentially this means that their brains are wired up differently. The rest of us are also changing as a result of ths by the way!!

Their behaviours (behaviors)  reflect back to us where our society and it's systems have failed to keep up with the times.

HET supports these changes, children and adults through a programme of therapeutic support and educational nurturing, consistent with the way we are learning in the present climate.

Adults born before these planetary changes came in to effect are also reflecting signs of the times in the way they are behaving, functioning and remembering that which was learned through the old systems. We are all going through CHANGE - a set of natural essences are available to support this as well as a detailed explanation of what we are all going through and experiencing.

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