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 HET Mission Statement


Holistic Educational Therapy empowers young people to make better choices.

It is so safe and so simple that the worst thing that can happen is that it doesn't work. In over 80%of cases, for the young people on this programme the goals set are achieved.

All the HET practitioner Therapists experience this programme for themselves and evaluate it as part of their training.

The young people on this programme and their families are supported and shown how to adopt these simple, safe and effective strategies for themselves. A toolbox for life!

Young people on the programme are closely monitored and supported and evidence collected to  show their   improvement on the prgramme.

All practitioners are  registered and qualified and maintain the highest professional standards.



Linda Porter B.A., Cert.Ed., MFSHG, MACTA, BFRP, APBP, Assoc. reg.

Linda is a teacher, lecturer, author, educational advisor,  multi - disciplinary therapist and a national consultant in setting standards in complementary therapies and managing behaviour.

Holistic Educational Therapy is a concept, designed, written, implemented, researched and evaluated by Linda, who has also put together the training programme which now has validation and accreditation through numerous national bodies.

Her vision is simply, that every child is offered a safe and happy way to make better choices in life.