Dealing with Core issues


This is based around a  flower essence system. It combines the healing qualities of hundreds of different flower essences, each with their own powerful role with the science of colour resonance.  


This system releases cellular memories. It works a bit like a photocopier, photocopying a master copy. If that master copy has a taint on it then the copies will also carry an imprint of that taint. If the taint is 'Tippex'ed out, then the copies will come through clean. The body retains a cellular memory, recent studies show that these can be held in the heart, like a hard disc and then projected like holographic lasers onto each cell. This system addresses and helps to restore balance in this process

It is simple, safe and effective system and works on many levels. In this respect it is very helpful in giving insight to factors which  may be affecting a child's health and behaviour and which are not always immediately obvious. In this way we can reach the underlying problem, deal with the cause and not placate the symptoms.

Very often we can suffer from what can be seen to be 'blocked drain syndrome'. We can become so blocked with unresolved past traumas, issues and life experiences, that nothing can flow easily in our lives and we become stuck, entrenched in the same old patterns, doing the same old things and getting the same old results! One thing gets stuck behind the next and it all needs to be cleared away.

 What do we do to get rid of the initial blockage?

In working with behaviours ( which act as a barometer for this very  process in young people), this system has proved to be very beneficial in getting to the cause of the initial  blockage, clearing it away and getting the 'flow' process into motion.  

By using a system devised by Dr. Voll in the 1950s, using a galvanometer, we can be precise in which remedies are needed in which combinations for each individual child.

A HET therapist carrying out the galvanometer test.