Behavioural problems in children




Discussing Behavior or behavioural problems in children opens a whole can of worms – at the one end of the scale we’ve got the school of thought that says  “ In my day – kids never did things like that” to “ Well… a good hard slap never harmed me” - way of thinking!


In truth a lot of what we perceive, as being behavioural problems in young people will be shaped in part by our own experience and upbringing, not to mention our own expectation of what we think of as acceptable and unacceptable behavior. I remember vividly, my own mother quoting the old Victorian saying that the “Children should be seen and not heard”!


Thank goodness for evolution – I hear you say! Sadly though, some people have not evolved from that particular school of thinking.


However this article is going to focus on something that actually touches on completely the opposite end of the scale. These are ideas and concepts that are at the very leading edge of ‘Neuroscience’ and our understanding of how the brain works. This leading edge developments have been incorporated into a safe and simple, step by step approach that addresses the way we learn through our life experience and how some of the more traumatic experiences prevent us from reaching our true potential.  The programme embraces the uniqueness of the individual and the good news is that the programme is  completely safe and natural – the worst thing it can do is not work – but over the past 10 years, it has proved so successful it has achieved the goals set in working with children and their families in over 85% of cases, consistently! This is by far the most successful outcome that any behavior support programme has achieved within the UK education system. It has been commended by government watchdogs in education - OFSTED) and heralded as a “Flag ship of excellence” by a government official. The programme known as HET – (Holistic Educational therapy) is proven to deliver what it promises, as it is underpinned with a quality assurance and monitoring structure.


Let’s investigate how it works….


Behaviour is a complex issue – be it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ - but what we can say about it is that our behavior is a barometer of our emotional state. So, the first stage of healing the process is to look at our emotions. The feelings that move us forward like petrol in a tank to what we perceive is ‘good’ on our life map of reference points of experience and move us away from what we perceive as ‘bad’ marked on that map.


By using a simple method known as the ‘Bach Flower Essences’ discovered by the Harley Street based Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s – this system not only is safe and simple even for babies – because the worst thing they can do is not work – but when anything up to 7 of the 38 remedies (that together represent the full emotional spectrum) are combined– they have the capacity to change our negative moods and feelings which define our behaviours in certain situations into positive ones.


OK … we feel better, we make better choices; we create better outcomes; we have a better reality to exist in – sounds simple? Well, yes it is – simple and safe and so effective – the trick rests in choosing which of the (up to) 7 remedies to put into to a 3 week blend, which we take as 4 drops a day over 3 weeks.


An alternative method of taking these natural and safe remedies can be used, if you do not want to take them by mouth. Help is available from qualified and experienced HET therapists on line or by phone, to assist you in choosing or accessing the correct remedies for the behavior – all that is needed is to translate the behavior into the emotional currency that defines them – mix the blend and make it, take it or wear it!


Obviously, diet and nutrition has a lot to do with our well being – we are what we eat and numerous research trials have been carried out to monitor the effect of diet on behaviours. Whilst there is an argument that everyone needs their own nutritional programme to enhance their well being, it has been found through the HET research programme that by following a simple and basic nutrition programme – health systems improve over a period of 3 months reflecting in achieving behavioural goals and other aspects of healthy performance. Not only is the supplementation now advised by the World health organization but we are constantly seeing proof of how eliminating certain types of additives preservatives and artificial sweeteners from our diets has profound knock on effects with improving behavior problems.


To accompany the diet and nutrition programme – the HET process has incorporated a health and fitness programme, which is safe and fun and brings the whole family including the pets together, in improved lifestyle programmes.


The way we behave in certain situations often reflects what we refer to as core issues – or core “is you-s”! This is the hidden memory of every single experience we ever have had, that is stored in every single cell of the body – this stored hidden memory is often triggered by certain events or sequences and can re-emerge, often years later to resurface in our life – how many people for example do you know who always come down ill at a certain time of year? Core issues triggering associate data when something similar to the original stress or trauma is triggered, which releases a cellular memory on a physical or emotional level.


All of this information is held in every single cell of our being. Which holds information as light – (a little bit like CDs) holding all the sensory data that makes up the experience information in the mitochondria (the power house of the cell). This has the capability which is greater than the biggest quantum computer that technology can even dream of.  The release of this information causes us to act and function in certain ways that support our very survival. For example the fight or flight / adrenalin reaction under stress. The problem is that some of that information stored is often outdated and no longer applicable – unless we reformat the ‘disk drive’ and tidy up the data, it will carry on running in the background. Every cell is replicable – it copies itself in anything from a couple of days to a few weeks and so the body is constantly renewing itself. This is the opportunity to erase the misperceived or outdated data. A little bit like photocopies – so the misperceived or outdated information is ‘tippexed off’ the original master copy, prior to photocopying in that way, only the information that is needed is available on the new copies.


Based on a natural flower remedy system which is made once again from flower essences (this means that there are no side effects and are perfectly safe)– it is possible to identify what the core issues are, when they happened and to use the natural remedies to reformat the outdated information. Sometimes in our cells are memories / data that we genetically inherited from our family but that lie dormant. This is known as a ‘predisposition’ that can be triggered or released when activated by certain experiences.


Information in the cell is stored in complex protein called RNA and DNA and this is information, which is passed onto us by our parents and also from parent cells in our body replacing the new ones. These proteins are made of building blocks called amino acids, which combine together in particular ways.


Sometimes this material which holds the information the DNA and the RNA gets passed on in a damaged or if you like a ‘file corrupted’ format. I liken this process to knitting. Imagine knitting a woolly jumper from a knitting pattern. Along the way you drop a few stitches, which make a few holes, but then you pass it onto someone else with a view to it keeping them warm. Now they decide to make another one but without the original knitting pattern they copy your knitting, counting the rows and also the dropped stitches which they assume is part of the pattern and they drop a few stitches as well. They pass that on and the process is repeated. Now somewhere down the line someone is going to end up with this woolly jumper that is full of holes and is not keeping them very warm in other words not doing the job very well that it was always intended to do. Imagine if that person is handed the original knitting pattern, the template for what it was always intended to do. This is what the homeopathic amino codes do. They can combine in a way that the cells need to function in doing their original job correctly. This safe and simple remedy is also available through HET.


Our core issues represent our data that we store, but as you know in a computer the data cannot be accessed without running the appropriate programmes. Neuroscience now recognizes that these programmes are run in the form of something called ‘neuro-nets’ – these are at the simplest level mind maps or the firing of certain cells in the brain which receive sensory data – through the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch as well as the general ‘vibes’ or feelings / senses that surround a particular situation. These maps are fired in response to the incoming information and form a pathway in the brain which then sends messages to the body. These messages trigger the data held in each cell and form something we refer to as ‘attitude’ – the collection of data that is brought up by the programme. This defines the ‘psychology’ the way we behave and the ‘physiology’ the way our bodies function.


Now the interesting thing about these mind maps or neuronets is that every time we have an experience they may be similar to previous or other experiences and they get held in this huge big filing cabinet in our mind / brain systemthat says right – “In this set of circumstances… that is similar to that set of circumstances this is what we must do to survive this” - A very useful mechanism in terms of survival but when we perceive things that happen to us in the light of things that once happened to us. What the reality is, is that these old patterns are no longer relevant to us because we have moved on but not deleted the old data – then we start to run old programmes or what we refer to as ‘negative patterns’ – that are no longer valid. Interestingly the more traumatic or the more often we have had these type of experiences then the more we kind of don’t see the wood form the trees and end up recreating situations, or relationships that are not necessarily in our best interest and once more effect and define behavior.


Now, in the case of behavioural problems experienced through conditions like autism or ADHD, these mind maps are wired in different ways and we will look at that in other related articles.


But within the HET process there are natural tools and remedies to help us perceive these new experiences as different to the old ones and therefore over ride the old patterns no longer helpful to us. This is known as Universal Frequency Therapy.


The next stage of HET is to look at how the sense were initially traumatized in the first place. In latest Neuroscience research, we know that for example the neuro-nets formed around the auditory department of the brain – there is very complex and thickened wiring in place. Now most of the trauma or misperception coming in will be accompanied by sound so this ‘wiring’ is necessary to deal with and information process the incoming signals.


Much research into behavioral issues indicates that the problems stem back to early-undiagnosed glue ear conditions, whereby the auditory nerve pathways have not formed appropriately to deal with the range and tone and sound frequencies that are input. When that child or person is exposed to situations where an overload or feedback of auditory information is being received they will go into an overload situation, cannot cope and will go into ‘KICK OFF’ behavior.


A therapy called Auricular Candle Therapy is very helpful in supporting these types of ear problems that translate into behaviour problems later on.


Touch and smell are equally important. In HET the essential oils of lavender or chamomile are used as these are very safe to use with even very young children and babies. We also use peer massage techniques so that the children can enjoy a safe and healing touch.


Finally, we work with the sense of seeing. When we receive information we receive images in colour on the retina and this is transferred along the optic nerve to the brain. The quality of light and how it is broken up in its constituent rainbow colours is very significant. When Light passes through the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain that acts a little bit like a crystal prism, the light information contained in the image is split like a rainbow and each colour transmits specific information to specific centres in the brain to be processed and dealt with.


Now if the light quality is poor then this information is compromised in terms of the message reaching the relevant centres of the brain. In the northern hemisphere the light is of poor quality during the winter time – this can sometimes be very ineffective and can create a condition known as sad or seasonally affected disorder. I liken this to  those photo receptor cells that are fitted onto the top of street lights and which are activated to switch on automatically when the light intensity drops below a certain level. This is how the pineal gland operates.


Now in the summer months when the weather and light are of a high intensity we all feel a lot better. Morning light is rich in the Ultra violet range of light and evening light is more heavily impressed with the infra red end of the spectrum of light. UV triggers the release of  a brain hormone called serotonin. This is responsible for our get up and go and feel good factor (this is missing in winter light hence the depressive aspects of SAD). The evening light triggers through the circadian (or daily) rhythm, the melatonin hormone which works with the autonomic nervous system, helps us to switch off and get ready for sleep and relaxation. These differences in lighting can be seen in the mood of the garden throughout a sunlit day and is why plants open at different times of the day.


Children with ADHD have brainwaves at a much higher frequency than other people. This is about the wiring in the brain that causes them to behave like their foot is stuck on the accelerator when they are in traffic jam – going nowhere at 100 miles an hour! We look at what is happening in ADHD within our other articles


Through the HET programme we have worked with the natural essence of ultra violet, the homeopathic frequency of this light wave and researched improvements in the concentration levels of ADHD children when they have played for short periods of time in ultra violet light.


Similarly children who have sleep problems and trouble relaxing and switching off have been successfully introduced to the homeopathic frequency of infra red.


What these safe and simple remedies do, is to introduce the right messages and codes to the brain/body rather than the actual chemical, substances or medications which can and do cause side effects.


This particular therapy is introduced into HET through the step in the programme called ‘Rainbow Therapy’.


Interesting research is now emerging from the frontiers of neuroscience in respect to what is referred to as ‘Brainbow’. By taking the genes from coral and luminous jelly fish and 

placing it in mice to study the wiring of the brain. This then colours the nerve cells of the brain and as such enables the neuron pathway to be followed through the brain, this heralds the way to understanding conditions such as autism, ADHD amongst others.


This give the outline of how Holistic Educational Therapy supports the spectrum of behavior problems step by step and on an individual basis. The programme is at the leading edge of scientific developments and presents the whole learning and life experience process in a new light which has been proven through supporting children and families with such challenges in their loves over the past 10 years.


For articles on specific behavioural issues – please visit the archives of related articles.







"Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls belong in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth".

-Kahlil Gibran


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